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Oluwafunmilayo Obasa, a non-fiction writer, poet, volunteer, and photographer is passionate about documenting muffled stories with her art. Read more

Come home with me

This is a tribute / to the dreams / we failed to keep / between our / breasts, for the / fantasies we painted / in white dresses only,/ for the waters we saw / as hopeless fate.

Funmilayo Obasa

Because you are alive

At eleven years old, you find the tongue of your tutor between your lips, his fingers on your little buds, his words in your thighs. You find his eyes taped to your body or his body taped to yours. Dear, it is your fault for making him feel that way…

Etymologies of a Miracle

your pastor chants all sorts / of tongues, in Jesus’ name
/ your pastor sings all sorts / of serenades, in Jesus’ name / hallelujah; your clothes lay on / the floor of his home. in God’s name…