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Colours and masks

I’ll put it plainly: I got tired of people raving about how well they knew me when in fact they knew nothing about me. Nothing! That is what the photographs below are saying: you do not know anyone until they show you who they are. The colours smeared on the faces of the models represent the content beneath the masks we all put on. The mask is what we want people to know, not who we truly are.

Colours and Masks is a call to understanding the bitter realities of life. Everyone has a kaleidoscope within. We are all fragile objects with rational minds — we only show what we want to reveal, exposing ourselves with our colours or covering ourselves with a mask. People only know what you choose to show, and most times, they are oblivious; they think they know, but they do not know.

Adedayo Oyindamola
Faith Joseph


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