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Morphing stories into decisions

I’m currently helping startups, businesses, initiatives, agencies and social impact companies influence decision-making by listening to the needs and problems of their target audience

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With an interest in Human-Centered Design, I’ve worked with non-profits and health care initiatives, the most recent being Sonder Collective, Pathways and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I have led research to increase the adoption of web products; I’ve analyzed qualitative data extensively to understand the latent needs of the target audience in a given context.

I collaborate with clients to offer Design and Research services adapted to their specific challenges or needs

Here's what I do

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Research & discovery

I conduct design research to test assumptions and concepts, discover underlying customer needs, achieve product-market fit and discover the right business problem for agencies, startups, initiatives and product-based companies.

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Design & development support

I help clients make research-driven design decisions in order to reduce development cost and time. 

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Prototype testing & product evaluation

I test and evaluate prototypes, MVPs, products and services with real or potential customers to determine the best mode of implementation.

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