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Purple Search

An expert-driven design library aimed at curbing misinformation amongst early designers and researchers in the design industry.

Self-learning requires grit, practice, more grit and dedication. It equally requires the ability to evade misdirection and identify misinformation. UX and User Research unveil multiple grey areas; the lines are blurry, the routes are rough. Although it has never been this easy to access information, we often have no compass for the rough, thorny, overflowing internet. 

I have learnt and am still learning from different online and offline resources. Like many, I’ve battled with misinformation. My journey continues to teach me how to weed the bad resources from the good. Now, I want to share them with you because I feel that they will help you, dear Designer & Researcher, evade misinformation. 


  • This is not a roadmap, maybe I’ll do that later. This is simply a list of resources you can refer to while learning UX Research. 
  • There is some overlap across the categories in this chest. A single resource may extend more than one category. 
  • Reference this chest when necessary. It will always be here for you. You do not need to swallow all the resources at a go. Take it one step at a time.