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Getting started in UX/Design Research

Getting started in Design/UX Research

A Researcher’s role isn’t to know the right answers. It’s to know how to ask the right questions. 

Michele Rosen, Founder, CuriosityTank

How do you even get started? Let me just say the process is far from linear especially if you are learning alone. These courses and articles should set you on the right path. 


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I elaborated on these resources in the first issue of my newsletter, Purple Search. Have a read!


  • Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF): There’s a lot to gain from the IxDF. I cannot overemphasise how much the foundation has helped me. The foundation keys into the foundation of UX and User Research and the psychology behind them. It doesn’t hurt to explore other areas — I advise you to. If your focus is UX Research, the User Research, Usability Expert & Marketer tracks should get you started. It does cost $120/per year. But trust me, it’s worth it. If you are unable to pay, they have useful articles that can help you get started! 

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  • User Interface Design Specialisation, University of Michigan: The specialisation comprises of four courses. It let me see the big picture of UX and fed me interesting Design Research insights. It’s a bit academic but the content is easy to grasp. You can audit each course and take them for free. This won’t give you access to the quizzes, assignments and certifications. If those interest you, you can either apply for Coursera’s financial aid (for each course) or pay.  
  • Human-Centred Design: An Introduction: This course is part of the Interaction Design specialisation by University of San Diego. I am recommending it because it gives the fundamentals of interviewing, explains what prototyping is and provides a bird’s-eye view of how to evaluate them. You can audit the course and take it for free without the certification or you can request for financial aid.