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I morph stories into decisions

As a Designer and Researcher, I combine research, curiosity, rigor and storytelling to translate thoughts and behaviors into streamlined experiences and outcomes.


Presently determining the best way to invest in digital healthcare through research with Sonder CollectivePathways and the Gates Foundation. I’m also conducting research with AfrikaDesigners to help Africans stand out.

Here's what I do

Line drawing of a maze

Research & discovery

Testing assumptions and concepts, discovering underlying customer needs, and achieving product-market fit with design research.

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Design & Development support

I help businesses, agencies, start-ups and initiatives make research-driven design decisions in order to reduce development costs and time.

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Prototype testing and product evaluation

I test and evaluate prototypes, MVPs, products and services with real or potential customers to determine the best mode of implementation.

My evolution is boundless

My journey started in 2020 when I started learning UX design due to its intersection between technology and human behaviours. Now, I’m a researcher using my skills to design services in various industries.

Let's connect

If you think I’m interesting or fit your ideal person to work with, reach out!