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Blogs and Newsletters

You’ll probably snag most of your UX Research knowledge from blog posts all over the internet. So, if at some point in your career you’ll have to depend on Google for help, you might as well remember these blogs. 


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  • People Nerds: Dscout’s blog about “what makes people tick.”
  • User Interviews Blog: User Interview’s way of dishing “UX Research insights.”
  • Outlier: Dovetail inspiring people “to outrun average and break the mold of mediocrity.”
  • Dovetail’s Blog: Dovetail articles that “inspire & educate.” 
  • UX Uncensored: Written and managed by Darren Hood, literally uncensored 😉.
  • Decoding Research: Learn all you need to know about user research from Maria Hock Victoria Vivas & Ezequiel Djeredjian.
  • Nielsen Norman Group: UX articles & videos that’ll help you in your journey.