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Purple Search

purple search: research, tech & the self

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I always try as much as possible to create value wherever I can. One way I have chosen to do this is by curating and writing a newsletter. The internet is saturated, and there is no way to distinguish between right and wrong. As a self-taught researcher, learning was overwhelming. There were so many contradictions. I found that tech content creators over-glamorized the industry while hiding the hard, tacky and unattractive aspects.  

💡 Purple Search is a monthly newsletter that shares expert resources, opportunities, guides & commentary about UX, UXR, tech trends, feelings, emotions, and psychology, and my journey in the most honest and down-to-earth way. 

What you should expect

  • 5 – 8 curated resources (articles, tips, tricks, events, podcasts, etc) from UX Research & Design experts.
  • The human touch: my journey, successes, failures, commentary and stories about my UX & UX Research exploits.
  • Ideas and opinions about tech trends and how they link to UX Research and Design.


  1. Let’s Talk UX Research: I started my journey 2 years ago. Like most, I had to discover the inner workings of UX Research the hard way. Here are resources that will get you started.
  2. Biases are Ubiquitous, Even in Research and Design: In order to mitigate our biases in the Research and Design processes, we must know them.