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Design Research in Africa

Design Research in Africa

I’m constantly frustrated by the lack of UX Research roles in Nigeria and Africa. Although nascent, UX Research is growing and I hope to live in a time when African companies prioritize human-centred design and research. 

Social Impact Companies and Agencies in Africa 

There are companies and agencies dedicated to using design for good on the continent. Check out their case studies to see the impact they have made.  

State of User Research Report by YUX Design 

When I read User Interview’s state of user research report, I wondered if there was a similar report for Africa. The first thing I did was check the demographic of their participants. The report, unfortunately, does not represent the entirety of UX Research in Africa. The good thing nonetheless is that YUX, a Pan African Design Agency launched their flagship state of User Research report in Africa. Another is on the way. I’ll include them here as they are released.