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Sign-out: a journey of 5+ years…

Look at the image above. Do you see those smiles? Do you see how relieved the subjects look? That is what 5+ years of being in a Nigerian Federal University does to you. It breaks you, strangles you, overwhelms you to the point of surrender and the relief of leaving, even amidst so much uncertainty, is instant. In most Nigerian Federal Universities, the Sign-out event is a tradition that has existed for…well, I don’t know. But the point of the event is for students in their final year to sign out of school. On the day of this event, students go to school with white t-shirts and leave with the t-shirts emblazoned with the signatures of their course mates and whoever they allow to sign their shirts. It is a colourful event, a memorable one. It is an event where students let go of their struggles as students. In the end, the signed t-shirt is a reminder of the time they spent in school and those they schooled with.


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