After posting these photographs online, I received messages from two women telling me how it spoke to them and their struggles with weight loss. 

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that forces people to fear adding weight, even the slightest amount. The photos give people an idea of how standards cause this illness. How the need for one to be “slim” causes one to act drastically, especially on women. I must admit that these photos reflect how I feel anytime someone (my parents, friends, and even random strangers) comment harshly on my weight. It feels degrading, awful. With these images, I want people, especially women and girls, to know that they can lose weight at their own pace and in a healthy way. Not because society requires them to do so, but because they want to.

I hope people realize that when they tell a fat person that they are fat, they aren’t helping.

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Adedayo Oyindamola
Faith Joseph 


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