Hello, I am Funmilayo, officially known as Oluwafunmilayo Martha Obasa and I’m an aspiring UX Researcher looking forward to leveraging Human-Centred Design (HCD) techniques to understand and address human problems, particularly in the edtech field. 

This journey in User Research began in May 2020 while Nigerian University lecturers went on strike. It was borne out of my preference for psychology: understanding human beings, their emotions, motivations and behaviours. Since then, I have parsed through courses on Coursera, the Interaction Design Foundation and YouTube, read books on research and design, participated in tech learning programs such as the Zuri Internship and She Code Africa mentorship program, and engaged in a few side projects. 

I currently have some knowledge of qualitative and quantitative techniques. With both, I have conducted semi-structured interviews, designed surveys, analysed data statistically and with the thematic analysis method, and created visualisations such as personas, customer journey maps, empathy maps, and affinity diagrams that have helped portray whichever problem I was trying to solve at the given time. 

My background as a history student and writer has made me curious, detailed, and to consider past decisions and mistakes while researching for present solutions.

The Other Parts of Me

Writing – I prefer to document muffled stories with my words. Even though the stories belong to me. These stories can be in poetry or essay form and I hope to have a manuscript by the end of the year 2025. Some of my works are published in Bodies and Scars anthology, Cephalopress, Brittlepaper, etc. I came third-place in the Punocracy Prize for Satire 2019. I was also longlisted amongst the top 100 entries in Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2019. You will find my publications here and my blog articles here

Photography – I enjoy taking and gazing at images that are simple yet provocative. I enjoy taking images that are conceptual. For me, photography is a way of bringing my abstractions to life because sometimes, pictures say more, so much more than words. Look at them here

Reading – I read because I am curious and love to learn. My reading list is always diverse and consists of books based on history, politics, photography, fiction, psychology, science, etc. This is because I believe knowledge can be drawn from anywhere.

Volunteering – Because I am passionate about equality and humanity, I have volunteered for organisations that promote those passions in different ways. Like when I volunteered for the Society of Social Justice, an organisation based at the University of Ilorin that has pledged to “selfless service to humanity”. Or when I volunteered to redesign the website of Bays Planet Foundation a multi-faceted organisation aimed at community development. 

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Contact: If you would like to get in touch with me, send me a message here and I’ll get back to you.